What does Halo means ?

The Halo is the invisible world of feelings and
emotions that everyone brings within. We just help you deliver it! Live and share with love once!

We are Valentina, Martino and Stefania.
Three different sensibilities with only one common passion telling stories.
We are involved with photography for many years now. First in the fashion industry followed by
design and finally to crown our experience and passion in the world of weddings.
We focus everything that can become a stimulus in telling passion, love, an emotion, a city, sensations, unique events.

We frequently travel all over Italy and abroad and always return with a wealthy and picturesque baggage of different cultures, traditions and rituals.
We are fond of food, flowers, music, fascinating places and everything that is done with affection. Every story is given a unique edge to it.
Our background is made of so many experiences and enormous gratitude for
the opportunities our couples have given us by entrusting us with their stories of the most important and private day of their lives.


Halo team is rather a discreet presence, nevertheless careful and sensitive to
everything that happens during the wedding day.
Poetry is not intrinsic in things, but it is the way we look at.

Look our first shooting!