AN AUTUMNAL ISPIRATION SHOOTING – wedding film photographer

We are in love with film, with the feelings that only an analog camera can give you, so we want to present our best partner, Martino Vincenzi:

“It’s not really a technical matter, but dealing with film makes me a better photographer.

Usually, talking about wedding film photography leads to the definition of “Fine-art wedding photographer”.

It’s just a definition, but it tells that the medium (the film) leads to a different approach to photography: more attention to details and a more accurate planninig and well ahead of the moment you press the shutter.
The photographer becomes more a kind of a director rather than an executor.
It’ s really exciting when you receive an email that tells you that your scans are ready. A kind of excitement that makes you feel like a kid!

Talking about this particular shooting, the location (lake Braies) it’s really one of those that are usually brilliant, but with the colours of this past autumn it’s really outstanding.
The day was great, the weather too and the collaboration with the beautiful Sara led to a set of great pictures.”

Here are some of his works! Enjoy!


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