Your WEDDING DAY is the moment
when dreams, beauty, love, emotions, people, and lights all come alive,
deserving the most glamorous and authentic memories.


To create beauty, we need magic,
and to create magic, we need feeling.

I'm Valentina, nice to meet you!

I have more than 15 years in harnessing the fields of photography and filmmaking, inspired by an insistent passion for the visual, creative forms of telling a story. I was able to express, through the lens, mood, atmosphere, and emotions. 

Furthermore, I think that photography is a bridge to the bottom of our memories: from people who used to come and go, fleeting glances, details, flavors, colors. In one word, for me, it is a bridge to the melodies of life.

A wedding, specifically, is this great confluence of beauty, connection, and artistic expression all in one, and it's an honor to have the ability to weave my craft into the dreams of those with whom I work. 

Bringing the creativity mixed with sensitivity—from a fashion background to a degree in visual arts, the forming of words of images with empathy for their depth and beauty.

valentina eleonora costa

THAT'S your

the Essence of Your Unique Connection

    Your wedding day is so much more than an event, it's really a story waiting to be told.
The core of everything I do is really connecting and feeling. It's all about capturing the very essence of the two of you and letting your personalities shine through in every photograph and film frame.
Truly, I believe your day is all about "your story" and starts with "you" and "your styles," "your passions" and a love story like no other. Every creative project I take up is unique, produced in such a way as to be a reflection of mood, feeling, and ambiance that is solely yours. Your love story is exclusive and does not resemble any other, which means it needs to be shared in a way that will be as exclusive and special.

So, let's make this creative journey together, transforming your moments into memories that reflect the true beauty and uniqueness of your bond!


our film: A Cinematic Journey
AUTHENTIC, deep, dreamy


    Freshly creative individuality to capture the sheer beauty and magic of your most important day in the world of Italian Wedding Films. It's much more than just a video. Actually, our wedding films are sort of editorial films, a chronicle of your love story captured with an angle that is both innovative and deeply personal.

    Combining high-fashion appeal with the authenticity of real moments, our style is a moving image that is as enchanting as it is authentic. We combine the power of avant-garde cinematic techniques thrown back by nostalgia for '90s camcorders with their characteristic digital zooms.

    This indeed unbeatable alliance guarantees not only a feast for the eyes; the pictures themselves are full of details. Take a closer, more intimate look at the emotions and nuances of your special day.

    We believe that a wedding film really should rise above the traditional, so we really take pains that our work has elements as glamorous as they are amateurish—deliberately, mind you—so we succeed in capturing a deeper, intimate perspective. We use a blend of cinematic with candid to craft films that are felt and not just watched, thereby providing a gateway for our clients to relive the magic and beauty of their day over and over with every viewing.







Immerse yourself in the Italian mood for a stunning wedding story set in Lake Como, Rome Tuscany, Apulia, featuring the most amazing luxury villas.
Let the beauty of Italy inspire you!


our photography: elevate the ordinary into extraordinary
Elegant, Intense, glamour


    Where our style stands out in the luxury wedding photography domain is to effortlessly blend the spontaneity of candid moments with the graceful sophistication of editorial. Each photo that we take bears witness to the elaborate beauty of the details, the people, and moments all woven together in a story as if new, real, and chic.

    The view is not to create just some images but to design a set of visual stories resonating with the vibrancy and emotional content of your special day. We truly possess a great eye for those moments that matter, and our work reflects a special infusion of authenticity and sensibility. This unique approach allows us to capture your celebration in a way that feels intimate and exquisitely crafted.

    These are highly detailed and life-infused photographs—more than just snapshots, really, they are the definition of an editorial love story. The details were captured from quick, eye-catching glances to the grandeur of that setting, each one put to meticulous use through our lenses to offer a fresh, authentic, and yet decidedly fashionable take on the world.

    We believe in the power of an image to document the ordinary but take it to the extraordinary. Through our candid yet fashion-forward lens, we are inviting you in a rediscovery of your wedding day. Reliving every moment, with all its intensity and beauty, as if you are just stepping into it.


Take a journey through the colors, styles, whimsical imagery of fashion to create beauty, memories, imaginary worlds, and intense moods.

Director & Designer: IlaMalu, flowers White Pepper Studio




In these articles, I will share with you some reflections, experiments, trends, ideas, mood and inspirations coming from the world of fashion, art and weddings.



    Well, I recently found a little photo album, though I have no clue when it was done. Then I was about 7 years old, and together with my best friend, we decided to go on a photo adventure with our Barbie dolls. I was armed with a Kodak and everything had been prepared by us—from making a cardboard church and scattering rice to dressing all the Barbie bridesmaids. That was the time when I aspired to be a designer, and my creations would tell very involved stories. Little had I known at that time that within this childhood project lay one huge clue to my future career—a pointer toward being a fashion and wedding photographer.

    I really reveled in the imaginative process of telling stories through visuals, and eventually, it had foreshadowed my professional work behind the lens, my involvement in this kind of playful activity as a child. My journey has ranged from staging scenes with dolls and bringing alive to the essence of moments in real life, to a Wedding photographer, with all the creativity, passion, and a touch of childlike wonder.


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