The Retro Revival: Nostalgic 90s Trends in Wedding Photography



Indeed, wedding photography, like fashion, relates deeply with the trends which cycle through and bring waves of new creativity in style. The romantic ethereal look of soft-focus pictures taken with medium-format cameras like the Contax 645 and its deep, gentle depth of field, together with the picturesque bokeh, have come to dominate today, decades later. However, as with all things fashion, what goes out inevitably comes back around with a modern twist.

The aesthetics that one would remember as lively and loud from the ’90s are ready to roll with us into the year, claiming space in wedding photography.
These are times of dynamic photographs, which collect color, movement, and even ‘imperfection’ to offer authenticity in the shots. These elements capture those fleeting, genuine moments that are as unique as the couples themselves.



Flash Photography Takes Center Stage


One of the most reputed trends of the ’90s to resurface is probably that of the return of flash photography. Bold flashes differ from the subtle variation of lighting in yesteryears’ wedding pictures; sharply or cleverly hidden, they make everything, against deeply saturated backdrops, stand out and present stark contrasts. This method declares its presence, unafraid to acknowledge its staged nature rather than masquerading as a candid shot.


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Embracing the Flaws

Another hallmark of the 90s trend in wedding photography is the acceptance of motion blur and out-of-focus imperfections that imbue images with character and authenticity. These features mirror the faded colors and grainy textures of 90s film photography, adding layers of depth and narrative to each photo.


The Amatuer Video Aesthetic

Videos from the 90s often featured distinctive zooms that seemed amateurish, yet brought a more intimate and personal storyline to the viewer, as if peeking into a real family gathering rather than a staged set. Today, wedding films incorporate these techniques to tell stories that feel more personal and less theatrical, allowing viewers to feel like part of the family.


A Colorful Renaissance

The palette of the 90s was full of life—think of the faded tones of an old film mixed with sudden bursts of saturation. Today’s wedding photos and videos blend these elements to create a lively atmosphere that’s both nostalgic and refreshing.



As we continue to explore the fusion of past and present in wedding photography, the resurgence of 90s fashion trends offers both a charming throwback and a vibrant perspective for capturing weddings. It reminds us that at the heart of each trend is the desire to tell the unique story of love—a narrative that should resonate through time.

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