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Hello, I'm Valentina Eleonora Costa, the creative director of Halo studio.

As a connoisseur of dreams and an artist of moments, my journey in photography has been one of deep connection and creative exploration. With my roots in fashion and costume, nurtured by my education at DAMS in Bologna, I've found my true calling in capturing the essence of love and beauty. My work as a fashion photographer, gracing the pages of renowned art magazines, was just the beginning.

For over a decade now, I've been weaving stories of love and elegance as a
wedding filmmaker and photographer. My experiences have taken me across the globe, particularly to the enchanting realms of the Arab Gulf, where I've had the honor of working closely with the Bahraini royal family for more than eight years.

But my passion doesn't end with photography. I am also a life coach and the creator of a brand dedicated to nurturing brand identity, personal style, and self-love.

In each frame I capture, I seek to not just photograph a moment, but to create a portal to a dream realized – a celebration of life, love, and the exquisite artistry that lies in every detail.

I find joy in listening, interpreting, and RECREATING MEMORIES
that linger within us, filled with LOVE and BEAUTY.


we tell your story in our

"Authentic and heartfelt, with a dynamic and cinematic narrative style"

In our wedding films, we use light to create lasting memories, capturing every story hidden within it. These are not just reflections of a day, but vivid narratives rich with love and life. Our images, filled with emotion, speak to those who experienced that day and to anyone who admires them, transforming into timeless love stories.

We commit to turning brief moments and whispered words into a cinematic tale that reflects your unique journey. Our films are more than just an account of your wedding; they are an immersive experience that allows you to relive the emotions, beauty, and atmosphere of that day.

Discover the elegance and craftsmanship of Made in Italy, where tradition blends with modernity. Our approach combines modern cinematic techniques with classic storytelling, creating a film that celebrates your love story. With us, you will experience the art of capturing love, emotion, and unforgettable moments, made eternal through light.

your wedding

" We combine the evocative storytelling of Narrative art
with the fresh dynamism of fashion photography
to create images that are not just pictures,
but vibrant, timeless stories. "

Our photography style melds narrative art's depth with fashion's dynamic vibrancy. Each image we craft is a timeless narrative, capturing emotions and memories with fresh intensity. We specialize in creating not just photos, but vivid stories that resonate with beauty and emotion, embodying a unique blend of artful storytelling and contemporary fashion sensibilities

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Package 1.

  • This package includes:

    One videographer and one photographer for up to 8 hours

    Your personal portal that contains:

    GALLERY with 600 images
    SHORT FILM (5-9 minutes)
    Full-length video of speeches
    Drone footage (if permitted by the venue)

    Travel and accommodation expenses are included.

€ 4900 + 4%

Package 2. 

  • This package includes:

    One videographer and two photographers for up to 10 hours

    Your personal portal that contains:

    GALLERY with 900-1100 images
    SHORT FILM (5-9 minutes)
    Full-length video of speeches
    Drone footage (if permitted by the venue)

    Travel and accommodation expenses are included.

€ 5600 + 4%

Package 3. 

  • This package includes:

    Two videographers and two photographers for up to 10 hours

    Your personal portal that contains:

    GALLERY with 900-1100 images
    WEDDING FILM (10-20 minutes)
    Cinematic highlight vertical reel (vertical format, 1 minute)
    Full-length video of speeches
    Drone footage (if permitted by the venue)

    Travel and accommodation expenses are included.

€ 6500 + 4%


  • Fast delivery within a month (€ 1000+4%)
  • Extra hour (€ 300+4%)
  • Additional Videographer (€ 800+4%)
  • Additional Photographer (€ 800+4%)
  • Dinner day before (4 hours coverage photo and video) (€ 2000+4%)
  • Brunch day after (4 hours coverage photo and video(€ 2000+4%)


Let us help you tell your story, a story that you will cherish and share, a narrative that is as extraordinary as your LOVE.

We understand the significance of your wedding celebration, the joy of sharing this momentous day with your dearest ones in a breathtaking Italian setting. Our aim is to capture not just the event, but the essence of your personality, translating it into a visual narrative that speaks uniquely of you.

Creating a tailor-made story that reflects your individuality is at the heart of our work. We believe that every couple has their own unique flair, which deserves to be told in a way that is as exclusive as their bond. Our approach is not just about capturing moments; it's about weaving those moments into a tapestry of memories that will remain vibrant and alive for years to come.

Our photography and videography packages are designed to provide a comprehensive and bespoke service, ensuring that every smile, every tear, and every laugh is immortalized in the most authentic way. Whether it's the gentle touch of a hand, the soft whisper of a promise, or the grandeur of your Italian venue, we are committed to capturing the essence of your special day with elegance and artistry.

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more common Questions

How does payment work?

Payment occurs in two parts: an initial deposit to book the date and the second payment one week before the event to settle the balance.

What are the delivery times?

The delivery times are approximately 3-6 months, although our contract states 6 months. However, you can opt for our 'Fast Delivery' service to receive your gallery and video in just one month.

What is the portal?

The portal is a password-protected space where you can find invoices, the contract, your gallery, and the wedding film.

How can I book a date with you?

We will send you a link where you can proceed with purchasing the package that suits you best. Inside, you will find all the necessary information and you can digitally sign the contract.

Can we option a date until we make our decision?

Absolutely. Just communicate your interest, and we will keep the date as an option for you. Meanwhile, we are readily available to meet, give you all the necessary information, and answer any of your questions.


Valentina Costa

via Madonna 32

37026 Pescantina (VR)

P.IVA 04545330237