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Photos and videos are an essential part of our job and with them you get:

  • complete coverage of your wedding: you will be able to relive those moments to the fullest now and in the future;
  • a space that we will build together and where you will feel completely at ease, overcoming any camera anxiety;
  • a safe and discreet guide throughout the day;
  • a wealth of experience gained over the years which we will put at your service.


The photo shoot usually starts from the preparations, about a couple of hours before the ceremony and ends after the first dance.
Our photographic style is fresh, clean, bright, light and faithful to the best version of reality.
We love the reportage for its ability to return portions of reality, but we love at the same time that ideal situation, that pose, that light can enhance it and fill it with meaning.


Suitable for more intimate weddings where a single photographer can follow you from prep to the cutting of the cake delivering an extensive gallery containing about 500 photographs.

one photographer
8 hour coverage
 gallery with 500 pictures
halo home portal

from 1800€

+4% c.p.a.


For weddings that are logistically more complex and require the presence of two photographers who will ensure different points of view is ideal. The gallery will  contain at least 700 photographs.

two photographers
8 hour coverage
gallery with 700+ pictures
halo home portal

from 2100€

+4% c.p.a.

want to see a photographic gallery example?

the Booking Proposal

Our booking system is totally automated and is done by following all the steps of what we call the booking proposal.

You will receive a link to a page following which it will be possible to choose the service, sign the contract and access the data for payment.

the contract

The contract is the document through which we define services, performances, rights and duties of the bride and groom and us photographers.
It is digitally signed by you during the agreement and countersigned by us immediately afterwards.


Payments are usually divided into three parts:

  • A deposit of 400 euros for the single service and 800 for the double service
  • The deposit is to be paid one week before the event
  • The balance to be paid just before the delivery of the material.

It is possible to split the payment into several installments upon request, at no additional cost.

Halo Home portal

The halo home portal is a tool that helps you to get everything under control, well organized and in one place.
Within this password-protected portal you will be able to see the contract, the payment status, invoices, some questionnaires, but above all your gallery and the wedding film.

If you want you can see an halo portal example clicking the image below  (id and password: halo)

Album and Prints

Printing is a medium that allows you to transform your memories into objects that also become part of your home decor.

Through the gallery you can buy a high quality album that suits you, you can choose the colors and materials. The whole process is automated and very simple through our portal.
It is a path of creation that we will do together and for this reason we always suggest to think about it after the event.

Do you want to sse an example of paginated album?

why choose us

We live on feedback of all kinds, thanks to which we can continue to grow and improve. We have also worked on ourselves to cultivate the right empathy that allows us to see things not always and only with our own eyes, but also with those of others.

When we deliver our work we often receive wonderful feedback that fills us with gratitude because knowing that our customers are happy and excited gives us just as much joy and meaning to our daily commitment.

We know it's an important investment, in terms of trust, energy, expectations and money, so our greatest wish is that you will always feel satisfied with your choice.

Let's share that joy through the words of our couples!

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